Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Homosexuality: Natural or Unnatural

I absentmindedly began an interesting conversation this morning about homsexuality.  I am not usually one to bring up these hot button topics but it has been on my mind since last night.

I really really like the new show Smash on NBC.  The singing, dancing, drama, it has everything I like!  There is quite a bit of homosexuality displayed in the show, probably because of the subject matter, and it's just a little more than I'm used to.  Thus, the issue of homosexuality is on the brain!

My conversation this morning brought forth many thoughts and questions.  It also brought on a lot of comments and "Likes."  For the complete conversation click here.

In one sense, I suppose I called out homosexuals telling them they are "unnatural."  But what if I had used the word lying, or raping, or addictions, or smoking, or anger etc.  I imagine I would have received a few "Likes" and possibly one or two comments from the positive side.  However I didn't use any of these words.  I used the word: homosexuality.

Yes, it's a personal topic for most people.  I wonder why this is - considering that the majority of our population is actually heterosexual.  I think we care because God obviously cares.  He says so plainly in 1 Corinthians 6:9-18.  Scripture references: New Living Translation,  The Message.

And that's the Truth of the matter.  Ultimate Truth.  God's Truth.  The only Truth worth seeking.  If you choose to disregard this truth, then I'm sorry, you are not a Christian.  You may choose to call yourself a Christian, but there is more to it: a living, breathing, active relationship with God.

Being a Christian is simple: accept Jesus, follow what He says.  It is a process - one that lasts a lifetime and can't be tackled all at once.  I often find myself overwhelmed reading through the Bible and seeing all the areas that I need to fix.  I need to control my anger.  I need to be selfless.  I need to love others better.  I need to be kind.  I need  to be patient.  I need to give.  I need, I need, I need.  I, I, I.  Wait a minute.  It's not really about me is it?  It's about God.  It's about people.  So then my thinking can begin to change and my prayer life may improve.  God please help me, God please revel my true self, God please guide me to right decisions, God please show me how to love.  God, God, God.  It's not about me, it's about Him.

So, the topic of homosexuality is indeed a hot topic.  When I called out homosexuals on facebook there were negative reactions, some voiced some not.  We know from 1 Corinthians 6 that God hates homosexuality.  But if we look again at this scripture we will find that He also hates: sexual immorality, thieves, greed, drunks, slanderers, swindlers.  Shouldn't all of these be hot topics for our status updates?

Homosexuality is a sin.  Lying is a sin.  Sex before marriage is a sin.  Cursing is a sin.  Addiction is a sin.  Lust is a sin.  Acting out in anger is a sin.  Gossip is sin.  I have definitely, had sex before marriage so according to James 2:10, I might as well have done them all in God's eyes.  Sound harsh?  At first I thought it was.  However this verse shows us that to God sin is sin, it's all the same in His eyes and he cannot have any part in it because he is Holy.  I am thankful he sent Jesus to bridge this gap and take every sin upon himself after living a perfect life.

There is much to say about homosexuality.  We all have our opinions - which really don't matter at all.  What I think about homosexuality is irrelevant.  What you think about homosexuality is irrelevant.  What a homosexual thinks about homosexuality is irrelevant.  But what God thinks about homosexuality is very relevant.  We are very blessed because we get to read the Bible and know exactly what God's opinion is.  His opinion is the only one that matters.  If you don't agree, then please do not call yourself a Christian because on Judgement Day, He might ask for an explanation.

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