Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Costa Rica Day 2

This morning, showering and eating a yummy pancake and watermelon, I was able to spend some time in the Word swinging in the hammock in the back of the house. I was able to spend some time getting my heart right and prepared for the day.

Today went a lot better for me. I was feeling a little more energetic about things and was looking forward to where God would bring us. So, I was partnered with Ralph who has been involved with Crusade for a loooong time, 24 years maybe, to share our faith until we all met again at noon. We picked a group sitting opposite a large fountain and within minutes I was talking to three tiqos. That number quickly changed to two. Then back to three later. HOWEVER talking may not be the appropriate word since I know very little Spanish and they knew very little English. We all did our best and we shared many laughs together. I am pretty sure they made fun of me a little but that´s okay because I made fun of myself too. Haha. We were able to talk about God, though, and that was encouraging. For one thing, I was having my first spiritual conversation with a tiqo! Secondly, we were communicatin!!! Even if it wasn´t perfect. Haha There was one girl in this group of males and eventually she joined our conversation and then her and I were deep in conversation about faith, Heaven and Hell and more. Her English was very good and we were able to get very deep with our thoughts. It felt so nice talking to her and she was so sweet that I was sad when they had to leave.

For the second part of the day I was with Alexis, a girl on staff with Cru. We were able to get into a really good conversation with two girls who spoke excellent English. It´s interesting learning how different people in this culture relate to God and seem to be Christians without really know it. At least, they don´t know the term. Maybe.

So far I have not been anywhere with air conditioning. But I don´t mind. There is a constant breeze and windows and doors are left open everywhere to let it in. I love the constant flow of fresh air. Yet, at the same time, all the buildings are behind iron gates. At first I thought it was ugly and wondered why everyone wanted to be so private. Then I learned the gates were due to high crime rates in the area. It all made sense. My purse has been glued to my person ever since arriving in San Jose. It´s become second nature to have it hang in front of me, always with my hand laying across it.

It´s only day 2 and I feel like I have already shared my faith more than I have in my entire life. However I do´nt think that´s true. I¨m just doing it in a different, more direct way. And you know what, Í´m enjoying it. I¨m looking forward to getting back home and using my new skills on fellow students.

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Jodes said...

I'm glad you're enjoying it. Cause I'm enjoying having you here!!! See you soon! Or I'll see YOU then, then I'll see you in the mañana... haha! Buenas noches amiga!