Thursday, October 8, 2009

Choices, Drama, More Choices

Every day is a choice. A choice to get up. A choice to attend class. A choice on where to sit in class and who to talk to.

Some choices are bigger than others. Should I write this paper due tomorrow or go to the movies with friends? Should I try to find a sitter or spend the evening with my son?

Other choices are even bigger. Should we break up today or weather it out? Should I move away or stay closer to home? Should I take a job here or there?

We don't face all these choices every day, but when the big ones come up, how do you know which choice to make? I know the church answer: rely on God, pray, read the Bible. But sometimes I need more than that. At least that's what my head tells me.

So when the day comes to make an important decision, all I can do is hope and pray that I make the right one. Who knows, these choices may take place sooner than any of us anticipated.

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