Monday, January 5, 2009

Cherish Every Special Moment: It's God's Gift to You

Ah, one of my favorite times of my day, nap time. This may make some of you smile or laugh thinking that I enjoy the time to myself to get things done without interruption. But no, it's the moments right before naptime that I hold dear.

As we stand up from our worn, over grown chair his body forms completely against mine. His head always finds just the right place, nestled in between my cheek and shoulder and somehow he still manages the comfort of his thumb. As we walk down the short hallway I whisper, "I love you." In these moments, everything is as it should be.

When I go to lay him in his crib I always linger a few moments. I always wish I could hold him just like that forever and always. But then I remember that in an hour my body will be stiff and we will both be sweating.

So I lay him down gently, knowing that at bed time I will enjoy these moments all over again.

This is in response to my most previous blog. There are moments throughout my day that make me happy and feel fullfilled. It's these moments I have to look forward to if nothing else.

It's not to say I have an incredibly dull life. I tend to be rather busy. However I think that with this awfully depressing winter weather, school being out, friends out of town, living alone, all these factors play into the category of depression. I would say this is normal, something that I will come out of when I can see sunshine again and wear a t shirt outside.

Until then, bear with me. :) And thanks for reading.

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Anonymous said...

I want a baby so that I can hold them close and watch them sleep so peacefully :)